You might think that having HIV would disqualify you from being a chef, but it actually doesn't matter in food prep. HIV can't sustain itself in food. Wash your hands, cover your cuts, and wear a glove just like everyone else!

World wide thousands of medical professionals, firefighters, policeman, EMTs and other support roles contract an infection on the job. HIV and hepatitis B the two most common.   

HIV, before drug therapy, used to mean an early death sentence. However, with managed medication, and healthy habits, you can still live a long life.  

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Even if you have HIV, with careful pregnancy management, and sperm washing, it is possible for you to have a child with the person you love.  

HIV is an equal opportunity offender. It affects those in the LGBT community just as badly as in heterosexual couples. 

Most people with HIV contract it in their "prime years." The same time when they are learning about themselves, discovering their partners, and building a home.